What is Virtual Phone Number?
How Does it Work?

Our virtual phone number services enable businesses to have local or toll-free numbers in multiple locations without the need for physical offices. This helps establish a local presence, improves customer accessibility, and facilitates efficient call routing.

How does it Work?
Virtual phone numbers provide businesses with flexibility

Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to establish a local presence in different geographic locations without the need for physical offices. This is particularly valuable for businesses targeting specific regions or looking to expand their customer base in different areas. Customers can call a local number, giving them a sense of familiarity and trust in the business.

Virtual phone numbers can include toll-free numbers, such as 800, 888, or 877, which provide a convenient way for customers to reach a business without incurring any call charges. Toll-free numbers enhance customer accessibility and encourage communication, as customers are more likely to engage when there are no cost barriers.

Virtual phone numbers offer flexible call routing and forwarding capabilities. Calls can be directed to specific departments, employees, or even multiple locations, ensuring that calls are efficiently managed and reach the right person. This feature improves customer service and ensures that inquiries or issues are addressed promptly.

Virtual phone numbers enable employees to stay connected and productive regardless of their location. With mobile apps and softphone clients, employees can make and receive calls using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for remote workers or employees who frequently travel.

Virtual phone numbers often come with call analytics and reporting features. Businesses can gather valuable insights into call volume, call duration, and other call metrics. This data helps businesses make informed decisions, optimize staffing levels, and improve customer service based on call patterns and trends.

Virtual phone numbers contribute to projecting a professional image for businesses. Having a dedicated business number, instead of using personal numbers for business calls, enhances professionalism and credibility. It also separates personal and business communication, allowing for better work-life balance.

Virtual phone numbers offer cost savings compared to traditional phone lines. Businesses can avoid the expenses associated with setting up physical phone lines, hardware installations, and maintenance. Virtual phone numbers often have flexible pricing plans, allowing businesses to pay for the features and usage they require without unnecessary expenses.

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Nigella Feegrade
The virtual phone number service from Rihno VoIP has been a game-changer for our customer service department. Thank you, Rihno VoIP, for helping us enhance our communications!
Dawn Bastian
IT Manager
Thanks to Rihno VoIP, we have been able to expand our business seamlessly. Their SIP trunking service allowed us to scale our phone system without expensive hardware upgrades. The call quality is exceptional, and the cost savings are significant. The support team at Rihno VoIP has been prompt and reliable. We couldn't be happier with the results.
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